Mega Bangna

Mega Bangna

Mega Bangna, A huge shopping complex that recently opened its doors in the Bang Na neighbourhood of Bangkok and close to the new airport. I waited a while before visiting to give the place time to establish itself and decided to pop over and check it out and must say I was pleasantly surprised!!

I know most of the major shopping centers in Bangkok and surrounding areas that are mostly unknown to tourists. Some close to the city center like – The Mall Bangkapi, Union Mall or Central Ladprao etc. Some of them (and the larger of them ) are located remotely  from the city center, Fashion Island,  Future Park Rangsit or Central Ratanatibet etc.

Mega Bangna shopping complex stands out from the rest. It isn’t a high rise complex, with only 3 floors, but spreads out over a vast area and is divided and arranged in a functional and comfortable way.

Mega Bangna is classed as a shopping complex as it offers a selection of international shops including Ikea, HomePro, Robinson Department Store and more. To understand the size of the complex, Ikea which is always a huge shop, takes up one small corner of this humongous complex!!!!

This article is not intended to review stores such as Robinson, HomePro or Big C that are all large, well known stores that can all be found at the complex,  but only Mega Bangna itself, which is so large and diverse that you can spend a whole day without getting bored for a minute.

Mega Bangna offers a huge selection of clothing stores, both in brand stores and boutiques, including 30 children’s clothing stores etc.

It is impossible to cover shopping centers in Thailand without talking about food!

Mega Bangna easily takes first place in this field, leaving all other shopping centers that I know, far behind. The complex offers a vast selection of approximately 100 restaurants, Japanese, Thai, Italian, Western, pizzas, pastas, burgers and everything imaginable including stylish cafes. All are laid out in a beautiful, spacious and comfortable manner and from what I have tried, are also very tasty.

The advantage of Mega Bangna is that all the restaurants can be found in one area and are not scattered on different floors and in different areas like in other shopping centers making the dining experience fun and easy to choose the right restaurant, sit down and enjoy a good meal.

It is unthinkable to talk about food without mentioning the Food Court found here, as in every shopping. The food court consists of a variety of small stalls all in one area and each selling a variety of freshly made food. Payment is by way of cards that can be purchased and loaded in the amount you choose. At the end of the meal if you still have a remaining balance you will be refunded accordingly.

At Mega Bangna the food court is known as  Food Republic and I can wholeheartedly say that it is the most beautiful, most impressive (and very tasty from what I tried) from any other food court that I have visited in Thailand – and believe me  I have been to many … .. so quite simply this place is certainly one not to be missed!


If all that is not enough Mega Bangna is equipped with an ice-skating rink that spreads out over 1000 square meters, 28 modern bowling lanes, 15 digital cinema halls etc.

For those looking for somewhere that combines shopping, dining and entertainment (particularly suitable for rainy days) in one beautiful, modern, pleasant and less known amongst tourists, Mega Bangna is a great option and getting there is relatively easy.

How to get there: Take the Sky train (Sukhumvit line) to Udomsuk, exit at exit number 5 (Exit 5) and look for the free shuttle to Mega Bangna shopping complex.


Recommendation: Mega Bangna is suitable if you have a long wait between flights or need to kill some dead hours before a flight and don’t feel like spending them at the airport. The complex is just 15 minutes away from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport,  by taxi, making it an ideal choice.


As usual I have attached a short video to try and give you a small idea of the atmosphere that you’ll find at Mega Bangna.


Have Fun !!


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