MBK Shopping Center – Mah Boon Krung

MBK Shopping Center

What can I say or write about the MBK Shopping Center that has not already been written or said…….. :, so there’s not much new to say. A 30-year-old veteran shopping center that has become “a legend in its lifetime” and almost sacred amongst tourists!

MBK stands for Mah Boon Krung and the complex opened its doors to the public back in 1986.

Opinions are divided regarding the MBK that on the one hand has many fans and on the other, many who are not particularly keen on the place. I will try to be objective and say that this place pretty mediocre. The merchandise sold is of repetitive and of medium quality and price. The daily contact with literally thousands of tourists certainly does not do much good for the Thai employees working there. However, it goes without saying that MBK is a vibrant place that magnetically attracts tourists with numerous shops selling nearly everything and anything, a sort of huge, indoor, air-conditioned market.

Part of the MBK complex is a rather old and quite shabby department store named Tokyu and some of the tourists use this name when talking about the shopping center. The fourth floor of the MBK is mainly devoted  to small stores selling cellular phones and related gadgets and a recurring question is, “are these fake or genuine phones?  And the answer is, BOTH it depends who and where you buy them from. My personal recommendation: I would not hesitate to buy a used cell phone there but when buying a new one , I (personally) would think twice. MBK Shopping Center


Opening hours: From 10:00 to 22:00 (though some of the shops and stalls close earlier)


How To Get There: MBK is in proximity to the National Stadium Sky Train station and the entrance is via Tokyu Department Store. For those arriving from Sukhumvit Street, you will have to change trains at Siam (same floor about 15 meters away) and go one more stop.

Take into account that this is a very busy area during rush hour traffic, it may be difficult to find a taxi, and some drivers may refuse to turn on the meter. So for those staying or living near a train station, its a great advantage!

I have prepared a short video along with a short presentation in the hope that actions speak louder than words in purveying the atmosphere.

Have Fun!

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