Lalai Sap Market

Lalai Sap Market

One of the most popular markets in Bangkok, which is well known to locals yet unknown to tourists, is Lalai Sap Market. Due to its somewhat hidden location Lalai Sap Marketbetween Silom street’s office buildings, the place is hardly visited by tourists. The literal interpretation of Soi Lalai Sap is ‘the street where you’ll spend all your money…’ and indeed, the market prices are low and tempting, and you’ll find lots of things to buy here – clothes, fashion accessories, shoes, bags, gifts, authentic delicacies and more.

Opening Hours: The market operates during the day. It opens around 10 AM and closes before 4 PM (only during regular weekdays). Towards noon time, many clerks and white collar workers who work nearby come to visit the market, enjoy their lunch and shop there.

Despite its central location, Lalai Sap market is rather hidden and thus remains authentic and untouched by tourists. The enjoyable visit to the place provides a glimpse into the daily lives of Bangkok residents. Personally, I recommend planning your visit towards the busy, lively noon hours, when lots of locals are in the market.

Directions: The lalai sap market is located on Silom road, Soi 5, right next to Bangkok bank main Lalai Sap Marketoffice building. You can get there by taxi (every taxi driver knows the place) or by Skytrain – you can get off either at Saladaeng or Chong Nonsi, as the market is halfway between the two stops.

I personally recommend getting off at Saladaeng, visiting the market and continuing to Chong Nonsi, as the lively way is filled with stands, and the view of Chong Nonsi station is spectacular.

I’ve also made a short clip of the lalai sap market , which will hopefully give you a taste of the place and its atmosphere.

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