Soi Cowboy Red-Light District in Bangkok

Soi Cowboy Red-Light District in Bangkok  , Soi Cowboy is considered as one of the 3 red-light districts in Bangkok. The other two are Patpong and Nana Plaza, and you can safely say that Soi Cowboy is the calm and pleasant one of the three.

A small alley next to Sukhumvit/Asoke intersection (on its north-eastern side) connects soi 21 (Asoke) and soi 23. Soi Cowboy alley is named after an American called T.G Edwards who opened one of the very first clubs in the area some 30 years ago, and was known as ‘the cowboy’ because he used to wear a cowboy’s hat.

Today, Soi Cowboy consists of 35-40 clubs in different sizes and styles, with various designs Soi Cowboyand different atmospheres. By large – most of them have a stage which features female dancers in small bikinis, while other ‘working girls’ approach the visitors who sit around the stage. The girls convince the clients to buy them drinks (for which they get commissions) or invite them to their rooms (the clients will then pay a fee to the club and set the ‘entertainment’ cost with the girl).

Compared to Patong – where the clubs literally became a crime scene that I strongly advise you to stay away from – and the neglected, crumbling down Nana Plaza area – Soi Cowboy alley is much calmer and more pleasant. It has a fun atmosphere and quite a few couples, even women on their own, can visit the area and enter the clubs, an option that was available in Patpong many years ago.

On the street, there are many food stands, and some of the clubs have outdoor seating areas where you can enjoy a drink, some snacks and small dishes, as you watch the people pass by the street.

As I have previously mentioned, the clubs differ from one another in terms of size, design, character, features and atmosphere. In Long Gun/Lucky Star for instance, you can watch erotic-like shows, which I find to be more amusing than sexy; there’s also Baccara with its famous glass ceiling, upon which Thai girls dance around in short skirts (with no underwear) – a place where you should watch your neck; then there’s the Afterskool Bar which features a “naughty boy” area where visitors can receive ‘first-aid’ from the dedicated ‘care givers’.

For those who want to know more – I’m attaching a map of Soi Cowboy with the club names, along with a link to one of the many websites on .

In conclusion – unlike the common stigma regarding Thailand and Bangkok – the extrovert prostitution in Bangkok is very limited and can be found in 3 small areas in the city. Among them, Soi Cowboy is the most modern, calm and pleasant to visit.

Soi Cowboy Opening Hours: until 1-2 AM

Arrival – ask any taxi driver, or simply take the Skytrain (to Asoke) or subway (to Sukhumvit).

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You can find more pictures from Soi Cowboy in the short presentation I’ve attached for you.