Retro Live Cafe – Bangkok

Retro Live Cafe , Years ago, I have recommended this place is a couple of forums discussing Thailand. At the Retro Live Cafetime, it offered one of the best deals for an open buffet (lunch) in Bangkok, and the cost was 280 baht per person. Since then, the price has gone up to 380 baht but still, I strongly recommend this modern, spacious restaurant.   It is located by an artificial lake at the very center of Bangkok (as known to tourists), on Asoke/Sukhumvit intersection, as a big part of theen Que Sirikit National Convention Center.

During the evening, Retro Live Cafe functions as a Thai restaurant, and meals are served by Retro Live Caferegular menu orders. During the noon hours, however, it offers a rich buffet which includes Japanese, Chinese, Thai and western food. There is a wide selection of salads, soups, meat and pasta dishes etc. In addition, various desserts are available – cakes, fruit, ice cream, soft and hot drinks – all included in the fixed price.

Only on Sundays – the buffet also includes oysters and various sea foods, and its fixed price is 550 baht.

Opening Hours: the restaurant is open every day from 11 AM – 11 PM. The open buffet is served from 11 AM – 2:30 PM.

Arrival: the lake and restaurant are in Sukhumvit/Asoke intersection, but please notice that the entrance to the restaurant is not in the intersection area!

To get to Sukhumvit-Asoke intersection, simply take the Skytrain (Asoke stop) or the Retro Live Cafeunderground (Sukhumvit stop). From the intersection, take the right (western) sidewalk, walk some 300-400 meters and you’ll reach gate #4. Once you enter, the restaurant will be some 100 meters in, to your left side.


If you take a taxi, it’ll enter gate #4, and drop you off at the entrance to the restaurant.

Bon Appetit!!