Face Bangkok – A combination of a Thai restaurant, an Indian restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, a pub and a spa.

Face Bangkok

Face Bangkok is an extraordinary place – It is made of Teak wood and contains three Asian restaurants within it (Thai, Indian, and Japanese) as well as a pub and a spa.
The building is inside a garden and it was built in a traditional Thai style, spectacularly designed by an English architect named Frank Drake inspired by the known Jim Thompson house.

The decoration is enchanting and a successful combination between a building in traditional Thai design and a modern pub and restaurant comes to life – somewhat a charming corner in the middle of the lively Sokomwit Street. The place definitely emits an aristocratic vibe and it is exceptional among the regular restaurants.

The food is delicious, and the atmosphere is very pleasant and special. The price level is not so cheap compared to regular local restaurants but the prices are not that high – a complete meal for a couple would cost between 50-70 US $ – relatively expensive for Thailand but pretty normal prices compared to a restaurant in Europe.


You can check out the place and view its menus and prices in the Face Bangkok’s Homepage

Side note: Thursdays are ‘Ladies Night’ and women receive 50% off on all drinks.

On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 20:00 to 23:00 – live music – Jazz and Pop.

*A small tip for saving money – The Soi 38 has a small but known food market (an article regarding it will be published shortly) – it’s possible to eat there for about 200 Bat for a couple and go to the Face Bangkok afterwards for a nice drink at the pub with an amazing atmosphere.

Location: Soi 38, Sokomwit Street (right under the Skytrain Tong Lo) – 500 meters into the alley from the left side.

Arrival: Easily by taxi or Skytrain (Sukimvit Line) – and get off the train at the Tong Lo Station.

As usual – A presentation with pictures I took for you to enjoy.

Have fun!