Big Mama (Italian Restaurant/Fusion)


Big Mama (Italian Restaurant/Fusion) , Big Mama is a nice Italian restaurant, whose owner also has a Thai restaurant nearby. For those who are interested in Thai food – you can order local dishes from that ‘sister’ restaurant Madam Saranair.

Big Mama is not large, yet it has a lovely design and a warm, homey atmosphere. In its entrance, there’s a small garden with several tables for smokers to sit and dine.

The Italian restaurant chef, who is also one of the owners, has added a local touch to some Big Mamaof the Italian dishes, which made them more interesting and exotic. The menu includes salads, various types of pizza and pasta, meat and fish dishes, and more. Personally, I loved the Tom-Sum spaghetti (but be careful, it’s very spicy!)


To sum it up: this Italian (fusion) restaurant offers delicious food, pleasant, laidback atmosphere, reasonable medium prices, and I strongly recommend it.

Opening Hours: from 11 AM till midnight.

Location: Asoke road, soi 1, right by the Asoke-soi corner.

Directions: Skytrain Asoke station – walk through Asoke (soi 21) or head north in Sukhumvit soi 19, until you reach (Asoke’s) soi 1 – some 400 meters walking distance. For detailed instructions, visit the article on Madam Saranair restaurant . You can also take the underground – Sukhumvit station.       Of course, you can also get there by taxi, so here is the Thai title and address, for you to show the driver:

อโศก  สุขุมมวิท 21  ข้างอาคารเสริมมิตร ตรงข้ามตึกชิโนไทย

When we visited the restaurant, a local couple was celebrating a birthday for a girl who sat at the table next to us, so I decided to capture a small clip for them to have as a memento.