The Wave restaurant

The Wave Restaurant , Along the Chao Praya riverbanks there are many restaurants. Naturally, the best ones can be found in areas with less tourists, and they are frequently visited by happy local customers. There’s nothing like a good local restaurant on the river banks; it offers a lovely view, pleasant air and delicious food – which makes for a great dining experience.

One of the (relatively) new restaurants by the river that I recently visited, is The Wave restaurant – a non-tourist, Thai restaurant located on the southern river bank, in an area and street which carry the same title – Rat Burana.

The restaurant is spacious and offers a modern design, including some tables under the sky, and others in the roofed, yet open space. The place also offers a closed, air-conditioned area, but I personally recommend sitting in one of the open spaces.

The restaurant mostly serves young locals, aged 20-30, who come here to enjoy excellent Thai food and good local music – as 3 bands are performing every evening. The menu is rich and diverse, offering a wide variety of Thai foods, but also some western food and several Japanese dishes. One of the restaurant owners is German, so you’ll also find here sausages of all sorts, including ones made of ostrich beef.

Of course, there is a wide selection of beers and beverages. The giant, lit bottle you see in the picture serves all diners sitting at the table – Vodka with Sprite and sparkling water (450 baht).  I haven’t tried it but it looks nice.

For more information, visit The Wave website.

Opening Hours – every day from 5 PM till midnight

Directions – the restaurant is located on the southern bank of the Chao Praya river, on Rat Burana street, right next to Big C Rat Burana. You can get there by taxi, as every driver knows the Big C.

Bon appetit!!

I’m attaching a clip/presentation of the place, which will give you a glimpse into The Wave.

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