Black Sesame Dumplings in Hot Ginger Syrup

The Thai Kitchen Hot Ginger Syrup is famous for its great quality and wide variety of flavors, yet local desserts are not considered among its strongest suits. Thai people will usually be happy with fruits and sometimes indulge in eating an ice-cream or have some sticky-rice with mango, if such desserts appear on the menu.

One of my favorite Thai desserts is the ‘Black Sesame Dumplings in Hot Ginger Syrup/Sauce”. The chances that any of the tourists have ever tasted a similar dish or even knew of its existence are close to none – hence I usually offer the dish to the many guests who join us when visiting Thai restaurants – and the reactions are always pleasantly surprised and very positive.

For your convenience, here is the Thai title of the dish บัวลอยน้ำขิง (Bualoi Namkhing)

If you’d like to prepare the dish, please follow this link and behold the attached YouTube link

bon appetit!!

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