Sornthong – Fish and Seafood Restaurant

Sornthong – Fish and Seafood Restaurant ,It’s very hard to find inexpensive yet high quality Thai restaurants in tourist areas. In that respect, Sornthong is certainly an exception.

The Thai-Chinese restaurant is not too fancy yet not too humble. It serves high-quality, delicious Thai and Chinese cuisines. Both fish and seafood are staying in the water of aquarium tanks outside the restaurant, so the food is as fresh as it can be (one of the ‘secrets’ for making great seafood dishes).

Me, my friends and family, are regulars in this restaurant (and have Seafood Restaurantbeen for years). We also take our guests to dine there.

So far, I’ve visited numerous Thai restaurants, and in many of them – Seafood Restaurantsome dishes are far better than others. Yet Sornthong offers a distinctly different culinary experience, and I can safely say that everything I tasted there was great, and the high quality remained in every one of my visits. It is consistently excellent, even when it comes to simple dishes, such as fried rice.

I would love to recommend a specific dish, but truly, all of them are great, from the sate (or satay, served until 10 PM), which in my mind is the best you’ll find in Bangkok, through the Tom Yum soup, steamed fish in lemon sauce (a spicy dish), crab in yellow curry, fried fish in mango sauce, salt grilled fish and more.

One of the restaurant’s advantages is its Thai-Chinese kitchen, which means that the food is less spicy to begin with. The place has 2 air-Seafood Restaurantconditioned floors and an outdoor sitting area for smokers. The children (and not only them) can enjoy various smoothies, a nice lemon or watermelon snow cone.

Most of the diners at Sornthong are locals, but you will also find here some foreigners– particularly ones who live nearby and know the area. The menu is bilingual (both Thai and English) and contains pictures of the dishes, so you will have no problem dining there – particularly if you visit this site’s section on “Thai food”. However, English speaking will not be very helpful in the restaurant.

Opening Hours: from early evening (around 6 PM) to very late night (around 3 AM). Please consider that the restaurant is rather packed with visitors from 7 to 8:30 PM, and you may have to wait for your table.

Directions: the restaurant is on Rama 4 (which parallels Sukhumvit from the south). We’re talking about a 5-minute ride from Asoke/Sukhumvit intersection – to which you can get by Skytrain or underground. From Asoke street’s continuation (where Queen Sirkit Convention Center is located), turn left to Rama 4, and there, after a few hundreds of meters, you’ll see a large Esso gas station with a big McDonalds branch. Sornthong is located some 30 meters from the gas station. It’s also very close (a short walking distance) to K Village and Wine Connection restaurant, where you can finish off your evening with an excellent tiramisu, cheesecake, cup of coffee etc.