Secret Recipe Restaurant Thailand

Secret Recipe is a modern restaurant/coffee shop chain that was launched in 1997, and since then, expanded quickly, through many branches in all the Asian countries and Australia.

The Secret Recipe restaurants have a modern life-style design. They are comfortable, roomy, and provide great service along with a wide variety of dishes. The food is great and the prices are certainly reasonable.

You can go through the Secret Recipe restaurant menu here. It includes a wide variety of western foods along with some fusion cuisine; there are first courses and salads, various soups and pies with different meat fillings, chicken and fish dishes, pasta and vegetarian foods and all sorts of cakes, desserts and milkshakes to finish off with. You’ll also find the ‘kid’s club’ on the menu, with special dishes for kids, such as mini burgers, fish & chips and spaghetti Bolognese. The kids will also adore the pasta & meatballs dish, which I highly recommend.

Personally, my favorite is their Black Pepper Lamb Pie, which is simply a delight and I highly recommend it to everyone. Behold the picture on Secret Recipe website.

You’ll find quite a few Secret Recipe branches, not only in Bangkok, including:

The center of Bangkok – Siam Paragon, Terminal 21 (4th floor) and Central Rama 3 (5th floor)

Hua Hin – Market Village shopping center (second floor)

Pattaya –  Central Festival and walking street

Chang Mai – Airport (4th floor)

  • The pictures were taken at the Central Rama 3 branch, the only shopping center in the heart of Bangkok that is not full of tourists.

For more information, you can visit the Secret Recipe website.

Bon appetit!!

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