Rabieng Tale Beach Restaurant – Bangkok

Rabieng Tale Beach Restaurant , Imagine you are relaxing at Bangkok beach and watching the sunset as a nice breeze comes blowing from the ocean. Now add a great Thai restaurant to the mix, with delicious local dishes – wouldn’t you love that?

Only few of the tourists know that Bangkok has a beach, and even fewer visited the place. But there is no need to imagine as it certainly exists, so you can come visit Rabieng Tale Beach Restaurant and enjoy all those things.

Rabieng Tale (terrace on the beach) restaurant is indeed located on the beach, rather close to the old city (Muang Boran). During the afternoon hours, you’ll see many local families here, who come to enjoy the pleasant ocean breeze, the ships passing by, the beautiful sunset and of course – the delicious food.

The restaurant is rather close to various attractions: the ancient city (Muang Boran), the 3-headed elephant temple (Erawan Museum), the Seagulls Beach (Bang Poo), the Crocodile Farm, Bang Nampeung floating market and more… Therefore, you can combine the visit to the restaurant, whether it is for lunch or dinner, with one (or more) of these attractions.

Opening Hours – every day from 11 AM – 11 PM

Arrival – by taxi. Show this to the driver: ระเบียงทะเล

In addition, here is the restaurant website (in Thai).