Chocolate Ville Restaurant

Chocolate Ville Restaurant

The Chocolate Ville Restaurant is one of the current hot trends for Bangkok residents. Since its relatively recent opening, the place has gained amazing success.

The term “Restaurant” might be misleading, as this is hardly a regular restaurant. It is rather a vast area upon which a complete European/American style village of the old days was built and restored; the entire area functions as one huge restaurant.

On the grounds you will find many buildings, including a windmill, lighthouse, gas station, fire station and many more, all surrounded by lakes, small bridges and plants.

The founders and owners of Chocolate Ville also own a very successful restaurant called ‘Wine, I Love You’, located at the luxurious home design center – Crystal Design Center (or CDC), which will also be covered soon, in an upcoming article.

Chocolate Ville Restaurant became the talk of the city, from the minute it was opened. Any decent self-respecting Thai has visited the place at least once, usually equipped with a high-end camera, to capture the visit to this remarkable place.

Just to give you some sort of perspective, the place can seat 3000 people at once, yet still, if you’d like to eat there in the early hours, when Thai people usually eat, you’ll have to make a reservation at least 3 weeks ahead!

However, there is no need to be alarmed and miss out on this experience – If you come around 8:30 – 9:00 in the evening, you can find a place, and even if you do have to wait a little while, you can use this time to stroll around the area and enjoy the amazing experience (you’ll probably do it anyway, even without having to wait).

The restaurant has many diverse seating areas, some in buildings, others outdoors and some roofed. despite the huge number of people, which the place can accommodate at once, the restaurant is hardly crowded and the service is good and fast.

The food here is very diverse; you’ll find the ultimate combination of both Western and Thai cuisines on the menu. On our visit to the place, we were accompanied by friends, and since we were all very hungry, we ordered a wide variety of dishes, and all of them were delicious.

The prices were reasonable and affordable as well. For a large dinner for 5 people, who ate quite a lot, including many dishes, drinks and desserts, we paid some 2400 baht for person, definitely worth the food and atmosphere.

Some information about the area, and how to get there: Chocolate Ville Restaurant is located in the northeastern part of Bangkok, in an area called Kasset-Nawamin, which offers Bangkok’s largest assemblage of restaurants.

Along many kilometers, you will find huge, distinctly designed restaurants, standing side by side, as well as many pubs. Chocolate Ville is actually in a very quiet part of Kasset-Nawamin street.

For those of you who are somewhat familiar with Bangkok, I’ll give a few heads up – you can drive along Sukhumvit until you reach soi 63 (Ekamai) and then turn left (north). On your way you will cross Petcburi and Rama 9, as well as Lat Prao. You’ll pass by the CDC and the next intersection you’ll see will be Kasset Nawamin, where you cannot take the right turn, so turn left and 300 meters later make a u-turn.       Drive straight ahead and after 2-3 km. you will see the restaurant.

It will take a 30-minutes’ ride to get from the center of Bangkok to the restaurant, and I would estimate the taxi cost as some 250 baht.

Opening hours: the restaurant is open every day from 16:00 to midnight.

I’ve attached a clip/presentation of the place so enjoy and bon appetit!


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