Princess Terrace Bangkok Restaurant & Pub

A pleasant and astounding river restaurant – Princess Princess Terrace Bangkok

The Princess Terrace Bangkok restaurant is a beautiful, modern and pleasant (however Princess Terrace Bangkoknot expensive) river restaurant overlooking a magnificent view of the Bangkok Chao Phraya river .

The Princess Terrace Bangkok restaurant is located not far from Hilton and Peninsula Hotels and it holds a colorful menu – Thailand cuisine and western cuisine. The restaurant is highly recommended for those interested in spending a pleasant evening in a restaurant on the river bank and enjoy a combination of delicious food, pleasant atmosphere and an astounding view of Bangkok at night.

It’s not mandatory to order food once you’re there, because the restaurant also has a pub, so you can enjoy the lively music played every night and simply have a drink, the enjoyable weather and the slight breeze from the river, as well as from the lighted view of the buildings and the hotels in the bank across the river.



At around 21:00, a vast variety of river ships cross in front of the restaurant, Princess Terrace Bangkokdecorated with an array of colorful lights and with many people on board, who went cruising with dinner. The ships end their journey roughly in front of the restaurant, and turn around to return to the bay in the nearby River City, and the view is truly amazing.

In the picture to the left, it’s possible to see one of the ships when right behind it there’s a building with a golden dome – this is the rooftop restaurant Sirocco. A bit to the left (but outside the picture) the famous Shangri-La hotel is located.

The non-toured river ships with dinner also pass by the restaurant (at around 20:30) but their journey is far longer and you should be able to see them again at roughly 21:30 when they make their way back.



Hours: Daily between the hours 17:00 to Midnight.

Arrival: The Princess Terrace Bangkok restaurant is located in Sol 21, Charoen Nakon Street, located Princess Terrace Bangkokacross the river (relative to Bangkok’s center). This street holds the famous hotels – Hilton and Peninsula and it’s very easy to arrive at the place.







To those living in the vicinity of the Shangri-La hotel, it’s better to just take a taxi for a few minutes of driving… and those living further away – it’s possible to take the Skytrain (or the public river ship) to Saphan Taksin Station and from there – a taxi ride of less than 10 minutes.


Here’s a small presentation/video which I personally took at the Princess Terrace Bangkok Restaurant … have fun!


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