Bamboo – Lebanese Restaurant (Middle Eastern Food)

Restaurant - Bamboo

Bamboo – Lebanese Restaurant (Middle Eastern Food) , Although I love living in Thailand, and enjoy eating delicious Thai food, now and then, I do get in the mood for some good middle-eastern food; I want to have some hummus, shish kebab and grilled beef, or simply enjoy a good Turkish coffee with cardamom hel.

My experience (and the experience of other Bangkok residents who originally came here from the middle east) has taught me that one of the best places to enjoy great middle-eastern cuisines is Bamboo restaurant, in the ‘Arab’ area of Sukhumvit street. Here I would like to point out that there is no problem whatsoever to visit this area (in terms of safety and otherwise).


Bamboo restaurant offers delicious middle-eastern food: Iraqi taboon bread, salads, grilled beef and shish-kebab, desserts…everything! I particularly recommend the kebab, hummus and kibbeh (oval meat-filled grain patties) and Strong Turkish coffee with hel…and let’s not forget the Limonana as well! (a lemonade from freshly-squeezed lemon juice and spearmint leaves).

The prices are certainly reasonable – some 280 baht or so for a diner – and we’re talking here about a full meal which includes both drinks and desserts. In addition, for all hookah enthusiasts – the restaurant offers narghile in various flavors, and for nonsmokers – there’s a designated space as well.

Please notice that there are both a restaurant and a pub which carry the same title and belong to the same owners – you’ll find them right next to each other but do not confuse them. Keep in mind that this article only covers the restaurant!Lebanese Restaurant

For further detail (on the pub as well), you can visit Bamboo website.

Opening Hours: the restaurant is open 24/7

Directions: Bamboo is located on Sukhumvit soi 3 (soi Nana), right across the street from the Grace hotel. You can get there by Skytrain – get off at Nata or Ploenchit stops (soi 3 is about halfway through between the two stops).


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