About TipTop Travel Private Family Adventure Tours

As I’ve previously mentioned in another section on the website, its initial purpose was strictly informative: to provide extensive, valuable information about Adventure Tours Thailand, thus creating a full, detailed picture of this beautiful land and presenting it to open minded, quality tourists, who are interested in more than redundant, commercial tours to the common, crowded tourist destinations. I believe I’ve succeeded in this mission and established a great website to provide you with reliable, thorough information that will serve you throughout your upcoming visit to Thailand.

It’s important to mention that all the information has been carefully and personally collected and verified, through my own, hands-on experience. I’ve visited every site that appears on site, and explored it thoroughly, to provide travelers with the absolute best, most reliable information available. Every article and review is accompanied by pictures and clips to deliver a hint of the atmosphere or experience, across the computer screen. There’s a lot more information coming, just ‘waiting’ to be uploaded, and as I only have one set of hands, it’ll take some time to post it.

Shortly after the website was launched, I started receiving many requests from travelers who sought direction and assistance in reaching the less commercialized, authentic destinations and ‘unseen’ locations I’ve covered in my reviews. We’ve decided to take on the mission and create high quality private tours for our travelers.

General Information

A successful quality tour relies on excellent planning more than anything else. Such planning considers all the relevant factors, including of course, the needs and wishes of the travelers. So, we learn of our travelers’ aims and interests to gain perfect understanding of what they perceive as the ideal tour. Then, we start planning the private luxury tour together, by e-mail correspondence (that can amount to dozens if not hundreds of e-mails), until we produce an ideal experience – a tailor-made tour that suits them perfectly.

Executing the Tour: Turning your Dreams into Reality

The tour is conducted directly and exclusively by TipTop private luxury tours; we are with you from A-Z. Importantly, the tour isn’t purchased or delivered by any other provider so we have full control of its every detail and component – the route, attractions and activities, quality tour guides, excellent hotels and resorts along the various accommodation destinations throughout the tour route, innovative and comfortable VIP van, private boats for various cruises and more. We also provide our travelers with essential equipment, along with great meals in handpicked restaurants – all towards providing you with a memorable experience that will stay with you for many years to come.

The Tour Routes

I’ve personally taken every route described on site, even several times. All the attractions and activities were carefully chosen to address the needs and interests of various age groups and appeal to diverse travelers. We’ve picked interesting, engaging and entertaining experiences, to provide hours of fun and splendor for everyone on the tour. Nothing was left for chance or coincidence, and we’ve examined every detail and aspect of every attraction, including the restaurants in which our travelers dine.


My own experience taught me not to rely on the ratings in different websites when it comes to accommodation destinations in Thailand. Some of the information is outdated and other simply misleading, so from time to time – we make sure to cover the hotels and resorts along the tour routes to provide TipTop travelers with lodging at 5 star hotels (where such exist) and the best resorts available in each area.

Tour Guides

The local law states that only Thai citizens who are authorized by the Thai Ministry of Tourism, can work as tour guides. We have chosen the best, certified tour guides, who are rewarded accordingly to lead you on the best tour paths, while providing the best service available, accompanied by personal consideration and treatment according to your needs 24/7 throughout the entire tour.

The Ride

Our ‘standard’ vehicle – to be used in all our tours – is a 9-seat VIP van, where each traveler’s seat is wide, comfortable and adjustable. The innovative vehicle is well equipped with advanced audio and video (LCD) systems, which allow you to watch movies during the ride. We recommend bringing your favorite movies from home, and particularly kids’ shows / films. The van is also equipped with cold water and pre-moistened towelette for quick refreshment. The drivers were carefully chosen and we insist on safe driving throughout while assisting the passengers/travelers.

Backup and Follow up

We lend our travelers prepaid and pre-charged cell phones, local devices that are ready for instant use, so they can always keep in touch with us– even after finishing the tour and during the independent parts of their visit to Thailand. We assist our travelers in every matter and answer their every question, beyond the tour itself and throughout their entire stay in Thailand – so it’s no wonder that TipTop travelers feel as though they have newfound relatives in this wonderful country.

Our Travelers Get Various Privileges and Bonuses

Personal Meetings

With all due respect for telephone conversations or e-mail correspondence, there’s nothing like a personal interaction, so we are happy to meet our travelers face to face. If the tour begins in Bangkok, we meet them and if possible – accompany them to a recommended restaurant or another night-out location, assist them immediately as they arrive, and equip them with what they’ll need for the upcoming tour.

Special Offers for Great Accommodation

Our travelers are entitled for special offers in diverse luxury hotels throughout their independent stay (apart from the tour). The accommodation is available in Bangkok and other tourist destinations such as Hua Hin, Khao Lak, Krabi etc., offering special prices and considerable discounts.

Supplementary Equipment for the Tour

We provide our travelers with big towels, waterproof bags for various cruises, raincoats and a first + second aid kit including diverse items they may need and a mosquito repellent spray. We also equip them with Thai cellphones that are ready to use and internet communication (behold the details below) that they can use throughout their entire stay in Thailand, and not just during the tour.


We lend our travelers prepaid and fully charged cell phones that are ready for instant use, for no extra charge (merely a deposit which is returned once the travelers bring back the phones).  As previously mentioned, the cellphone use is available throughout the entire stay in Thailand, not just during the tour.

New!! Internet Communication

As internet became an inseparable part of life, and every family arrives equipped with various smartphones, laptops and tablets, and since purchasing internet packages in many countries (prior to the tour) may be very expensive, we decided to assist our travelers; we enable them to rent through us a high quality wireless router that can serve 5 different devices at the same time!! So, there’s no need for you to purchase local service packs and exchange sim cards. The wireless router is the answer to all your internet needs, and it’s available to use throughout the entire stay in Thailand, not just during the tour.Adventure Tours Thailand

Some final words…

As the common saying goes – don’t blow your own horn. So, please allow me to post here a letter that was written by one of the families who enjoyed our services.Adventure Tours Thailand

Written by Ofer and Sigal on October 3rd, around 10 AM :

Dear dr. David, I’d like to take this opportunity and use this media as it enabled us to experience a great, meaningful tour. We spent 18 days in Thailand, half of them under your ‘wings’ – a family of 5, including 3 children and youth (at the ages of 5, 17 and 21). It’s hardly something you take for granted, when the route appeals and intrigues all family members, of different age groups, likes and interests, and yet – you did it!!!Adventure Tours Thailand

The tour plan was rich and eventful; the route was fascinating; the experiences simply took our breath away, one by one. We returned home 5 days ago, and the girls still talk about the experiences, retelling them with excitement and satisfaction.Adventure Tours Thailand

Thank you for the exceptional planning, the comfortable, luxurious vehicle (the towels, robes, what more could we ask?) …Thank you for the lovely tour guide, and the amazing driver; we simply adored them.Adventure Tours Thailand

This team kept surprising us – every time with a different treat, which was handed to us the moment we went back into the van. Thank you for finding the perfect match to fulfill our every need, in terms of the menu and sweets, and even DVDs so our little one didn’t get bored during the rides.

We felt very satisfied all through the way – which wasn’t short… The hotel in Bangkok (Terminal 21) was a perfect match for our needs; Kanchanaburi’s dam, rafting and waterfall were unique and fascinating; Amphawa’s train, market and temple provided us with a true experience of the real, authentic Thailand; Hua Hin’s amazing hotel, night market, lovely bay and monkeys were engaging and entertaining; Khao Sok was our highlight, with the beautiful nature and lakes you shouldn’t miss, and the elephant track which was real fun for the kids; Khao Lak’s national park and the white water rafting gave us so much adrenalin, and Laguna hotel was luxurious and surprising (let’s not forget Pinokio restaurant – which you recommended and left us wanting more); and finally Krabi – a highly recommended experience at the zipline park in the jungle – worth every minute of the road that led there…

In conclusion, I wrote a lot, which is so little compared to what we’ve received and experienced.

Huge thanks, dr. David!!